Starbaits Probiotic Monster Crab Boilie Pack

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The development of new products still remains the spearhead of Starbaits, as required by its leadership position. Thanks to this "uncompromising" innovation in terms of labor and time, Starbaits products take the best podium places and pass the most demanding carpist tests all over Europe.

Starbaits Probiotic Monster Crab Boilie Pack
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Starbaits Probiotic Monster Crab Boilie Pack

Starbaits Probiotic 5kg Monster Crab Boilie Pack

New range of baits studied to offer you a set of complementary products and to answer all the situations likely to be met at the edge of the water!

All the elements that make up this new range: long-lasting boilies; floating boilies; hook baits or soaking, can be used independently or in combination and have been developed according to the same principles attractive for each bait!


Starbaits Probiotic Monster Crab Boilies 20mm 5kg (2 x 2.5kg)

The Probiotic range takes a new turn.

While maintaining its nutritional quality and carefully selected ingredients such as yeasts, betaine, liver, salt and oils, the Probiotic Monster Crab also contains fish and many very effective crab derivatives.

This bait with a powerful flavor offers the fish a very nutritional food source. Carp love it. The Probiotic Monster Crab is effective both in the long term and instantly.

During the testing phase, which took place in many countries, the Probiotic Monster Crab proved to be very effective to catch large fish. Crushed in a PVA bag, the Probiotic Monster Crab proved irresistible.

This intensifies its attraction and attracts a lot of carp. An ultra-attractive bait.

Probiotic Monster Crab : What's good for them, is good for you!

Starbaits Booster Probiotic Monster Crab 500ml

Based on the active ingredients of the Probiotic Monster Crab boilie, this soaking solution formulated from natural molecules selected for their attractive characteristics will diffuse in halo around your bait, thus facilitating localization by carp.

It can be used to boost your fishing boilies (dense or floating) or incorporated into the wetting water of your Stick Mix or Method Mix.

Composed of soluble and insoluble elements in water to optimize the diffusion, it is advisable to shake the soaking before use : this in order to obtain a perfect homogenization of the mixture.

Packaged in 500ml bottle. 

Starbaits Probiotic Monster Crab Pop Ups 20mm 60g

Formulated from the same attractive principles as bottom boilies, they will easily allow you to make pop up rigss on soft or rugged grounds and balanced presentations such as "snowman" ...

Packaged in 60g jar. 

Bundle detail : 
2 x243119Bouillettes Starbaits Probiotic Monster Crab 20mm 2.5kg
1 x241689Booster Starbaits Probiotic Monster Crab 500ml
1 x241688Pop Ups Starbaits Probiotic Monster Crab 20mm 60g
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