Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon Pack

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The development of new products still remains the spearhead of Starbaits, as required by its leadership position. Thanks to this "uncompromising" innovation in terms of labor and time, Starbaits products take the best podium places and pass the most demanding carpist tests all over Europe.

Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon Pack
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Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon Pack

Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon Pack


Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon Boilie 20mm 5kg (2 x 2.5kg)

Another great bait developed and tested by the STARBAITS team. This new generation bait has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of carp. Hyper soluble fish concentrates, vitamins . salts and other seafood extracts have been blended to create a bait that works particularly well over long baiting campaigns.

So good is this for carp that they end up half addicted to these baits! Mixing these base ingredients with cryo ground spices ( a process that keeps the full flavour of the spice intact) creates an interplay between appetite inducement and easy digestion.

These baits also work fast and can be used for spot fishing.A high percentage of top quality salmon flours boosted with Robin Red H simply confirm the quality ingredients being used here.

These ingredients work together to mimic closely the triggers and tastes of natural food. Add to this a fantastic crunch texture and you have a bait sure to be a winner over years to come!



Starbaits Perf Concept Booster Spicy Salmon 200ml

Using the active ingredients of the Spicy Salmon boilie, this soaking solution formulated from natural molecules (amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, ...) selected for their attractive characteristics (strong diffusion, natural identification, nutritive source, ...) will halo around your bait, making it easier for carp to locate.

It can be used as an additive to make your baits; soaking on your Spicy Salmon (bottom or floating) boilies to increase their appeal; or booster to incorporate in the wetting water of your Method mix.

Composed of soluble elements and insoluble in water to optimize the diffusion, it is advisable to shake the soaking before use: this in order to obtain a perfect homogenization of the mixture.

Conditionned in 200ml 


Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon Pop Ups 20mm 80g

Formulated from the same attractive principles as bottom boilies, they will easily allow you to make pop up rigs on soft or rugged grounds and balanced presentations such as "snowman"... 

Bundle detail : 
2 x241191Bouillettes Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon 20mm 2.5kg
1 x241194Booster Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon 200ml
1 x241679Pop Ups Starbaits Perf Concept Spicy Salmon 20mm 80g
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