Starbaits Perf Concept Booster SK30 200ml

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The development of new products still remains the spearhead of Starbaits, as required by its leadership position. Thanks to this "uncompromising" innovation in terms of labor and time, Starbaits products take the best podium places and pass the most demanding carpist tests all over Europe.

Starbaits Perf Concept Booster SK30 200ml
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Starbaits Perf Concept Booster SK30 200ml

Formulated from high quality meat raw materials recognized for their attractive principles such as: temperature-based dried fish meal, soluble fish protein extracts, marine extracts, ... combined with soluble attractants from squid and krill , "SK 30" has a profile in amino acids and fatty acids to classify it as an essential bait in the selection of large fish on a station.

Reinforced with natural oils recognized as stimulating olfactory-gustatory senses as well as components promoting food intake, this bait with high digestibility will promote habituation or even dependence of fish during long-term priming without any saturation phenomenon !

Starbaits Perf Concept Booster SK30 200ml

Taking up the active principles of the SK 30 boilie, this soaking solution formulated from natural molecules (amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, ...) selected for their attractive characteristics (strong diffusion, natural identification, nutritive source, ...) will spread in halo around your bait, thus facilitating the localization by carp.

It can be used as an additive to make your baits; soaking on your SK 30 fishing boilies (bottom or floating) to increase their attractive value; or booster to incorporate in the wetting water of your Method mix.

Composed elements soluble and insoluble in water to optimize the diffusion, it is advisable to shake the soaking before use: this in order to obtain a perfect homogenization of the mixture.

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