RidgeMonkey Cozee Seat + Modular Bucket XL Set

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This rising brand continues to surprise by the originality of the products it offers. Its goal is to offer a range designed to provide modern carp anglers with innovative solutions to improve their daily life at the water's edge.

RidgeMonkey Cozee Seat + Modular Bucket XL Set
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RidgeMonkey Cozee Seat + Modular Bucket XL Set

RidgeMonkey Cozee Seat + Modular Bucket XL Set

RidgeMonkey Cozee Bucket Seat

Turn your Modular Bucket System XL into a deluxe seat, featuring a luxurious padded cushion and reinforced folding backrest.

Fully compatible with all products in the Modular Bucket XL range. Rated to 160kg / 25st.

  • Replaces Modular Bucket System XL lid
  • Rated to 160kg
  • Comfortable weatherproof cushion
  • Reinforced folding backrest
  • Protected registered design 


RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket XL

Having made no secret of the fact that we've been working on a bucket that's slightly different to the norm, we're pleased to announce that it's ready to rock and should be in the shops during the next few weeks!!

Taking the square bucket concept to a whole new level, the 3-piece Modular Bucket System features a pair of independent freezer-safe compartments, each with their own tight fitting lids.

The clever part? Those compartments not only slot onto the sides of the bucket "bait waiter" style but they also fit snugly inside the top of the bucket when not in use, providing the angler with unparallelled convenience and all the quality that you'd expect from a RidgeMonkey product.

Standard: 270 x 230 x 280mm, approx capacity 17 litres

XL: 300 x 270 x 380mm, approx capacity 30 litres









Bundle detail : 
1 x213485Siège pour Seau XL RidgeMonkey Cozee Bucket Seat
1 x225675Seau RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket