Prowess Imperium 8 legs Bedchair

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The Prowess brand continues its flight by proudly proposing its new range enriched with many new products. Prowess responds to your growing appetite for innovation.

Prowess Imperium 8 legs Bedchair
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Prowess Imperium 8 legs Bedchair

Prowess Imperium 8 legs Bedchair 

The great comfort 8 feet "flat" bed chair. Very large format with a meter wide, a height of 40cm (excluding adjustments) and a length of more than 2.15m.

The mattress is composed of thick foam and has a "peach skin" type texture. How not to stay several days fishing in these conditions! A real "King Size" bed! 

Dimensions : 216cm x 100cm x 40cm - Weight : 10.9kg 




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