Prologic K3 Bite Alarm 4+1 & 4 hangers K3 Set

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The concept conveyed by the Prologic brand is simple: develop quality fishing tackle for carp with an unambiguous approach. These are good products at affordable prices.

Prologic K3 Bite Alarm 4+1 & 4 hangers K3 Set
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Prologic K3 Bite Alarm 4+1 & 4 hangers K3 Set

Prologic K3 Bite Alarm Set 4+1

The K3 bite alarm is the result of a 2-year project which has seen countless tests, tweaks, more tests and further tweaks. The aim was to produce a compact, waterproof alarm with unrivalled battery life while remaining feature-packed and pleasing to the eye.

Removing the tone function has allowed us to install a smaller, less power-draining speaker for a much more compact unit with a superb battery life.


The body features a crossover-construction consisting of high grade aluminium, 3K Carbon and high strength nylon, reducing weight where possible whilst maintaining overall strength and durability.

Though small, the K3 is feature-packed including a 30-second silent mode for attaching indicators silently and dual isotope slots for those wishing to personalize their setup even further. The K3 Alarms are fully waterproof (IPX6 rated) and come supplied with protective covers. 

To allow you to customize your bite alarms, each set comes with a set of color joints (green, yellow, red and blue) that will allow you to change the color of the initial ones present on the bite alarms (black colored joints).

  • Four volume level (including silent mode)
  • Five sensitivity level
  • Waterproof (IPX6 rated)
  • Temporary silent mode (30 seconds)
  • Two Isotopes slots
  • Machine cut 3K Carbon body and high grade aluminum base
  • Up to 150m wireless range
  • Operate with one CR2 3V battery (not included)
  • Protective cover included



Prologic 4 Hangers K3 Set

To complete the look, we’ve also launched a dedicated K3 bite indicator. 3k high modulus carbon bodies with black PTFE line clips compliment the K3 alarms beautifully and come supplied with additional 8g weights.

We’ve also included a traditional full solid white PTFE model that particularly complement our SMX Custom Black Alarm rollers.


  • High density PTFE line clip
  • Body made off 3K Carbon and acrylic plastic
  • Spare extra 8g weight included
  • Complements the 3K Bite alarm perfectly



Bundle detail : 
1 x204671Coffret Prologic 4 Hangers K3
1 x203921Coffret Prologic Centrale 4 Détecteur K3