Pelzer Executive Carp Line Camou 1200m 0.35mm

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The Pelzer brand makes it a point of honor to offer robust, reliable and functional products, so that each session brings you even more pleasure and success! We are proud to offer you Pelzer products exclusively on the French market! And to all European carpanglers !

Pelzer Executive Carp Line Camou 1200m 0.35mm
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Pelzer Executive Carp Line Camou 1200m 0.35mm

Pelzer Executive Carp Line Camou 1200m 0.35mm

Here varies the lines color in different shades of green.Absolutely perfekt camouflage !


The camouflage colour is an additional advantage. It is striking that the PELZER EXECUTIVE CARP is very abrasion resistant despite its small diameter.


Pelzer ‘Executive’ Line minimizes the risk of line breakage.Executive has 20-times higher abrasion resistance, compared to standard monofilament.

Executive Line features a constantly self-actuating reconditioned silicone protective film.This reduces friction as the line slides through the guides when casting.






 Features :


  • Superb abrasion resistance !

  • Extreme strength through nylon-silicone molecular sealant

  • High molecular density provides higher strength per line thickness ratio

  • Reduced line twisting

  • Uncompromising high knot strength

  • Surface sealant makes the line durable and guarantees a longer lifetime

  • Extremely smooth surface, also excellent for waters with lots of snags

  • Three perfect adapted colors, nearly invisible under water

  • Very low memory with little kinking

  • Superb control, even when casting long distances