Pelzer Bunker Hydro 2 man Biwy (with Inner Room)

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The Pelzer brand makes it a point of honor to offer robust, reliable and functional products, so that each session brings you even more pleasure and success! We are proud to offer you Pelzer products exclusively on the French market! And to all European carpanglers !

Pelzer Bunker Hydro 2 man Biwy (with Inner Room)
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Pelzer Bunker Hydro 2 man Biwy (with Inner Room)

Pelzer Bunker Hydro 2 man Biwy (with Inner Room)

Finally it´s here! The new Bunker! Super solid, very flexible! PELZER BUNKER 10.000

The new Pelzer Bunker Hydro 10.000 beats every expectations. Super tough and with 10.000mm waterproofness on the highest level. All stitches are double sealed. Flexibility was very important for us.

A lot of windows with mosquito nets guarantee a good air flow.


At the entrance you can optional use a clear window. The complete front is also removable and can be replaced with a mosquito front (included in the package). Notably outstanding is the inside-tent (also included in the package), which can be installed optionally.

This is a good way to keep out the condensed water during colder seasons and it´s also an additional protection from the cold. With the winter-skin (optional available) you have another 3 layers which will protect you from bad weather conditions.

The groundsheet is made out of extreme robust and « rustling free » PVC and can be attached with velcro. The transport bags for the main-tent and winter-skin are extra big to allow easier stowage.


Technical specifications:

  • All stitches double sealed
  • Extra tough Zippers
  • Hydrostatic Waterproofness 10.000 mm
  • Supplied with inside-tent and additional mosquito front
  • 16 extra strong tent nails
  • Bottom canvas made of rustling free heavy PVC
  • Completely removable front
  • Velcro rod holders
  • Dimension packed: 120 x 30 x 30 cm 
  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% PVC

Dimensions : 295cm x 300cm x 162cm - Weight : 21,0 kg 

Front panel fully removable

Inner room supplied

Wide openings on the sides

Wide rear ventilation for an optimised air flow

Hanging inner room and removable

The inner room provides an optimal comfort in all situations