New Direction K9s R9s Bite Alarm Set 4+1

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Created in 2009, New Direction's mission is to design state-of-the-art wireless detectors. Its goal is to become a market leader in the field of high-end bite alarms.
New Direction K9s R9s Bite Alarm Set 4+1

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New Direction K9s R9s Bite Alarm Set 4+1

New Direction K9s R9s Bite Alarm Set 4+1

K9s Bluetooth alarms at New Direction will take your fishing to another level. These alarms without upscale son have a multitude of functions very simple to use and accessible to everyone.

Still little known in Europe, the New Direction brand has developed a new set of alarms that can work in coordination with your smartphone.

The alarms has three distinct modules , namely the remote control mode, the complete application for smartphone / tablet and anti- ejection systems ( snag light bars ) , all in perfect coordination.

The body, the battery compartment and each component are individually sealed to ensure a 100% sealing . Each product is rigorously tested before leaving the factory.

The remote control mode gives the user full access to the alarm, thereby controlling the volume, tone , sensitivity and night watch each of your alarm while staying in your shelter. IOS and Android applications provide the user with complete control at your fingertips.

Although compatible with your phone or tablet , the alarm come with R9 receiver to allow you a more traditional use if you were to fall out of battery on your smartphone.

Lightweight, compact and easy to use, this receiver can bring more fun in your fishing party . One can connect up to 5 sensors and has the same title as sensors, a speaker with Piezo sound quality well above most market detectors.

Its range of 200m (depending on the conditions and environment ) you will be informed of the real-time key.

Features of K9s

  • Snag Bars (anti ejection system) light
  • Automatic night vigil
  • Mute button (mute) with 30 second timer
  • Volume control (10 levels)
  • Adjustable sensitivity (10 levels)
  • Adjustable tone ( 7 levels)
  • Glare for the night vigil
  • Button ON/OFF
  • Anti-slip pads
  • light sensing wheel
  • Piezo speaker 100db
  • 2.5mm jack bright accessory
  • Requires 2 ER1425 or CR2 batteries (not included)
  • Talk Remote Control Mode : 300 hours
  • Autonomy in normal mode : 60,000 hours

Features R9 :
  • Compatible up to 6 sensors K9
  • ON / OFF / vibration
  • color Display
  • Range: 200m (depending environment)
  • multi- function button to navigate easily through the menu
  • Bluetooth materialized by a bright halo
  • Piezo speaker 100db
  • Supplied with a strap
  • Requires 2 ER1425 or CR2 batteries (not included)
  • Talk Remote Control Mode : 300 hours