Nash Electronic Set Siren S5R + 4 Wasp + Gift
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Nash Electronic Set Siren S5R + 4 Wasp
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Nash Electronic Set Siren S5R + 4 Wasp

Nash Electronic Set Siren S5R + 4 Wasp

Nash Siren S5R Receiver

Bringing the responsive indication of the S5R Siren heads direct to you, whatever the weather or conditions to keep you in touch with your rods 24-7.

With a smart rubberized finish and robust solid state design the S5R Receiver has interchangeable lenses to suit your S5R alarm preferences, adjustable volume and is supplied with a lanyard and karabiner clip.

Features : 

  • Extreme range remote performance
  • Complete set of interchangeable lenses to match LED colours to any combination of S5R alarms
  • High output adjustable volume
  • Solid state compact design
  • Soft touch rubberized finish
  • Extended battery life
  • Powered by 1 x CR123A 3V battery (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Lanyard and karabiner included

NOTE: The S5R Receiver does not work with Siren S5 alarms


Nash Siren S5R Bite Alarm (x4)

Packed with features beyond its price and with the same bulletproof build quality common to all Siren series alarms the Siren S5R uses advanced communication technology and component integrity for accurate and reliable remote performance whatever the conditions.

Registering the smallest indications in the worst weather the Siren S5R keeps you in touch.


Features : 

  • Extreme range remote performance
  • Super sensitive bite indication
  • High output adjustable volume
  • Run LED and latching LED
  • Supplied with a protective PVC case
  • Built in line guard
  • Extended battery life
  • Powered by 1 x CR2 3 V battery (not included)





Nash Wasp Indicator (for 4)

The indicator with a sting !

The Wasp's ratchet-loading tension system instantly changes the resistance from your end tackle, driving hook points home when carp tighten to the lead. 

The Wasp dials in up to around 8oz (approximately 180grm) drop back loading, meaning the ultimate indication is one click away whatever the venue, range or conditions. 


The innovative line gate holds nylon or braid without danger of premature release even under brutal tight line tension, but releases cleanly on the strike everytime. Matching Wasp tension to the lead produces a balanced trigger rig for deadly hooking.

It's the indicator that strikes back! 

  • Ratchet-loading tension system
  • Innovative line gate
  • Balanced trigger rig




Bundle detail : 
1 x203703Centrale Nash Siren S5R
1 x203699Détecteur Nash Siren S5R
1 x203700Détecteur Nash Siren S5R
1 x203701Détecteur Nash Siren S5R
1 x203702Détecteur Nash Siren S5R
4 x204005Balancier Nash Wasp