Mistral Baits Mini Natural Pop Ups 6mm 100ml

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Mistral Baits has an experience of more than 30 years in the world of fishing. Made in England with top quality products, Mistral offers products that have proven themselves on all European waters ... including the famous Rosehip range.

Mistral Baits Mini Natural Pop Ups 6mm 100ml
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Mistral Baits Mini Natural Pop Ups 6mm 100ml

Mistral Baits Mini Natural Pop Ups 6mm 100ml

How many times have you needed that really small pop up to tip off a larger bait or for just simply offering a minute bait to wary carp ? Quite often I expect.

Now you can have a bait instead of a piece of plastic to do this job. These Micro Pops are as buoyant as you would expect from a mistral pop up and they do not sink after an hour in the water either.

We expect them to still be buoyant in the morning after a night session as long as you took care mounting them on your rig.

There is a melange of six colours in each pot and they are available in either Rosehip and Pineapple flavours, or natural for those of you who want to flavour them with something of your choice.