Mistral Baits Instant Range Coconut Ice Boilies 20mm 5kg

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Mistral Baits has an experience of more than 30 years in the world of fishing. Made in England with top quality products, Mistral offers products that have proven themselves on all European waters ... including the famous Rosehip range.

Mistral Baits Instant Range Coconut Ice Boilies 20mm 5kg
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Mistral Baits Instant Range Coconut Ice Boilies 20mm 5kg

Mistral Baits Instant Range Coconut Ice Boilies 20mm 5kg

Mistral's Instant Carp Food Range has been designed with just one thing in mind – getting your indicators sounding as quickly as possible – the Instant Carp Food range are the perfect baits for short sessions, new venues or sessions abroad where boilies need to be working for you the minute they enter the water.

Hugely popular, and offering great value for money the Instant Carp Food range use a high energy balanced nutritional base mix that releases attractors fast.

Each boilie in the range is carefully tailored with select ingredients, taste enhancers and sweetener to produce a bait that tastes as good as it smells, ensuring carp feed hard whether introducing boilies in small quantities for one carp at a time or applied heavily through longer sessions.

Highly digestible, Instant Carp Food performs brilliantly summer or winter, and uses our most effective attractor combinations from over 20 years commercial bait manufacture.

We can't stop sniffing these ! White in colour with a gorgeous Coconut Cream aroma, this bait is very much a 12 months of the year bait and has proven equally successful on commercial venues as well as several difficult big fish waters.

If you want to offer the carp something different, then look no further.