Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Pack (per 2)
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One of the most prestigious Anglo-Saxon brands for small carp fishing tackle. According to specialists, Korda accessories are the best on the market and especially the most sought after the best Carpers throughout Europe!

Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Pack (per 2)
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Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Pack (per 2)

Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Pack (per 2)

Marker floats are a massive part of our armoury and finding particular spots can often be the difference between a red-letter day and a blank.

Although there were some good marker floats already available on the market we still felt that improvements could be made.

The first criterion from Danny was that the flight had to be extremely visible, anyone who has seen Danny fishing will know that he likes to fish at range! It also had to be light and buoyant.

This took a while to get right but we achieved exactly what we wanted and the 'Dropzone' Marker float was born.

The floats are made from a thin but exceptionally durable plastic and come as a pair in their own tough, protective tube. Each pack comes with two flights.