JRC TX 330 Boat Shelter Set

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JRC TX 330 Boat Shelter Set
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JRC TX 330 Boat Shelter Set

JRC TX 330 Boat Shelter Set

JRC Extreme TX 330 Inflatable Boat with Air Deck

JRC Extreme TX inflatable boats have been designed by rivers and big lakes anglers.

This kind of fishing is more and more popular accordind to its spectacular nature and the growing chances to reach the biggest carp. To meet the requirements of boat fishermen today, the boats were designed primarily for reliable, robust and very stable on the water.

  • High-strength dark olive green materials
  • 2 aluminum matte black paddles
  • 4 handles strategically placed
  • Adjustable marine grade wood bench
  • Stainless steel anchor handle
  • Inflatable floor
  • Support robust engine
  • Inflatable keel for added stability
  • Foot pump
  • Repair kit
  • Sturdy carrying bag
  • 50% PVC / 50% Polyester
  • Weight : 45kg




JRC Defender Boat Shelter

Fishing from a boat is becoming more and more popular. So we designed this shelter easy to install. It protects your equipment against the elements ; he can also be used to sleep.

Designed for inflatable boats of 3.30m, it is a really revolutionnary shelter!


  • Polyester coated PU 5,000HH 210D
  • Shelter compatible with most inflatable boats rated 330
  • Innovative web fixation system to facilitate connection and maximize interior space
  • Zip on / off on the bow of the boat
  • Front window for navigation
  • 4 rigid, lightweight, 16 mm aluminum poles 6061
  • Double opening system, allowing to create a small opening
  • 3 door window options (green, transparent PVC, mosquito net)
  • Velcro straps to hold the rod
  • Equipped with easy-to-open carrying bag

Dimensions : 220cm x 152cm x 135cm 

Double opening system

Velcro straps to hold the rod

The Boat Shelter is very easy to install



Front window for navigation

Front Side can be totally opened




Clear PVC window

Window featuring a mozzi mesh panel 

Bundle detail : 
1 x219217Bateau gonflable JRC Extreme TX 330 Plancher Air
1 x217905Biwy Spécial Bateau JRC Defender Boat Shelter
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