JRC Extreme 3D TX Sleeping Bag

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A new season is off to a flying start for the brand JRC because it is not the innovations that are missing! With a brand new logo, JRC offers this new season with an avalanche of new products. Whether Biwys, electronics or luggage, we have a safe bet that you will find your happiness.

JRC Extreme 3D TX Sleeping Bag
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JRC Extreme 3D TX Sleeping Bag

JRC Extreme 3D TX Sleeping Bag


Features :

  • 3 to 5 season rating
  • Breathable and water resistant super soft outer shell
  • Heavy duty crash zips
  • Unique 3D side wall design for easy turning inside the bag with clothes on
  • Reversible and detachable inner layer
  • Extra thick multi-layer hollow fibre for all year round use
  • Fixation hoods on top & bottom for fixation
  • Big main fixation strap
  • Integrated reversible pillow

Dimensions : 220cm x 94cm