Gardner Disruption 25lbs 20m

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Innovation, quality and reliability are the foundation of the Gardner brand. This family-owned business is made up of a small team of hard-working employees who develop and provide products that will help you successfully hang beautiful fish.

Gardner Disruption 25lbs 20m
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Gardner Disruption 25lbs 20m

Gardner Disruption 25lbs 20m

Gardner Disruption hooklinks feature colour segmented skins and fast sinking Dyneema cores. The length of each light and dark colour section is variable in length to enhance the hooklinks excellent camouflage qualities.

This effectively breaks up the out line of the hooklink and ensures that the brown version is perfect for fishing over a variety of sandy, gravel, mud and clay lake beds, whilst the green version can be used in weedy environments and the colour sectioning really makes the hooklink blend in with the weed.

Disruption is a semi stiff coated hooklink. The extra rigidity means that the hooklink can be made to kick out away from the lead arrangement ensuring the rig reacts quicker when inhaled by a feeding carp.

Features :

  • Fast sinking, ultra-supple Dyneema inner core braid means that stripped sections of the hooklink are supple and flexible. Whether you just want a soft section by the hook or you want to create a hinge point the soft core ensures that the rig will perform just how you want it to.
  • Removable, semi-stiff, colour matched outer coating is extremely user friendly, easy to strip and knot, whilst retaining the necessary strength and stiffness to avoid tangles and tie technically advanced rigs.
  • For best results steam to straighten.