Fun Fishing Magnetic Inox Back Lead 90g (x4)

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Fun Fishing Magnetic Inox Back Lead 90g (x4)
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Fun Fishing Magnetic Inox Back Lead 90g (x4)

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Fun Fishing Magnetic Inox Back Lead 90g (x4)

The MAGNETIC BACK LEAD consists of a revolutionary magnetic line clip identical to that designed for the FBI balance and a flat stainless steel weight of 90gr.

It is supplied with 7.50m of braid and a very clever winder.

As soon as it is put on the line, the MAGNETIC BACK LEAD slides very quickly and sticks the line on the bottom in a few seconds.

Strong points :

  • Slide quickly along the wire
  • Never fall when setting up
  • Free during a departure
  • Supplied with a flowing braid flattening perfectly on the bottom
  • Convenient retractor system

100% Reliable clamp

The magnetic power exerted by this revolutionary wire clamp is always constant whatever the fishing conditions, even after several years of use thanks to Neodymium.

The magnetic spheres are covered with Nickel to guarantee a perfect glide and to avoid any risk of corrosion.

This system allows the line to slide perfectly while allowing proper release of the latter during hooking.

The Magnetic Back Lead comes with 7,50m of braid and a winder.

The Magnetic Back lead is part of the family of "captive" back lead. Unlike the classic back lead who remain solid with the line until the end of the fight, this one will be released automatically during the hooking.

We can then recover it very easily and very quickly thanks to the cord with which they are attached. Classic back leads have the disadvantage of creating a point of inertia between you and the fish during the combat phase and for this reason have little regard to us.

The invention of captive back lead has been a mini revolution in the way we fish and the arrival of the Magnetic is in my opinion a result, see :

100% stainless steel construction, weight 90g.

Its line clip system is just great. It is the FBI pendulum one that has already proven its worth many times. It is a magnetic line clamp composed of two spheres covered with nickel to guarantee any risk of corrosion. The line is firmly held and almost never drops when it is put in place while sliding easily to the bottom of the water.

As explained above, the wire is easily released even on somewhat soft hookings and this regardless of the line diameter used (it also works with both braid and nylon).

The ultimate advantage of this process is its consistency over time while other systems will take the game out of use and will eventually become unusable.

Detail of magnetic balls.

Its weight of 90 grams is ideal since it has been studied to match the resistance of the liberating system that will play its role in all circumstances. No need, therefore, to decline this product in several weights that would bring nothing more. 

The line is engaged between the magnetic beads.

Its shape has also been thought in this sense, namely that its inertia will oppose optimal resistance to hooking and free the line in 100% of cases.

Its flattened morphology and hydrodynamic design will make it possible to withstand the tumultuous waters of rivers and streams and to keep the ground properly even if the slope is important.

Once immerged the Magnetic Back Lead is released only in case of hooking.

The body of this back lead is stainless steel and it is obvious that using such a material is a guarantee of strength and durability over time.

The Magnetic Back Lead perfectly releases the line when hooking.

The retractor system is very practical. It will settle either at the feet of the rod pod or a simple spade, or on the ground with the help of a sardine.

The braid used is very strong but also discreet because of its black color and especially its density allows it to flatten perfectly on the bottom.

In summary the MAGNETIC BACK LEAD is the ultimate product. During my many uses I have never been able to catch it in default and that is the reason why I use it almost systematically as its use is easy and its essential role to fish as discreetly as possible and lure fishes that are becoming more and more suspicious.

Serious manufacturing and foolproof reliability, this product should not leave you.

It is quickly difficult when we do not use back lead when fishing rivers.

By Christophe Roussel.