Fox R Series Brolly System 1 man (Brolly System + Extension)

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Fox is the largest distributor of specialized fishing tackle for carp. Who are the carp anglers who have never heard of products such as Swingers, FOX box systems, Microns. This is proof of a permanent desire for innovation and progress policy, both in design and in product development.

Fox R Series Brolly System 1 man (Brolly System + Extension)
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Fox R Series Brolly System 1 man (Brolly System + Extension)

Fox R Series Brolly System 1 man (Brolly System + Extension)

Fox R Series Brolly System 1 man

Supplied with zip-on, fully removable R-Series Brolly Infill Panel that features three door options - clear PVC, solid Khaki and mozzy mesh. 

  • Space saving mechanism for increased internal headroom
  • Four ribs contact the ground for greater stability
  • Extended side skirts provide extra protection from the elements
  • Front drain pipe diverts rain water
  • All doors have 2 way zips to create letter box opening
  • Optional full mozzy infill panel and Brolly Extension can be added at a later date
  • Short threaded centre pole for ease and speed when erecting
  • Four storm caps (supplied with 2 x 24ins side storm poles and 2 x 36in front storm poles)
  • 10,000mm hydrostatic head
  • Lightweight full sized groundsheet
  • Outer Fabric - 100% Polyester 

Dimensions : 262cm x 178cm x 128cm - Poids : 9kg  

(Insect panel optional)

Fox R Series Brolly 1 man (Extension only)

Full length integrated zip, which attaches to the open front of an R-Series Brolly or Brolly System to convert it into a 2-man brolly shelter.


  • Aluminum frame and supports
  • Features a full zip on the front to allow the R-Series Infill Panel or Mozzy panel to be added
  • 10,000mm hydrostatic head
  • Lightweight extending groundsheet
  • Creates a 1metre extension to the front of the R Series Brolly
  • Main outer fabric – 100% polyester

Weight : 3.25kg 

Nb : The extension is only compatible with R Series Brolly and System. Doesn't fit Supabrolly and Ultra.

Converts the 1 man R Series brolly system to a real 2 man shelter

Velcro rod straps

Heavy duty zip

The Front panel of the brolly fits the extension

Mosquito panel sold separately


Bundle detail : 
1 x217041Abri Fox R Series Brolly 1 place (Extension seule)
1 x217040Abri Fox R Series Brolly System 1 place
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