Faith Lakemaster M2 Bait Boat

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Faith Lakemaster M2 Bait Boat
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Faith Lakemaster M2 Bait Boat

Faith Lakemaster M2 Bait Boat

The Lakemaster M2 bait boat increases your chances! This bait boat is equipped with hook release clip, bright lighting, a double drive, handy carry strap and a capacity of no less than 4kg. The battery is charged via the connection to the boat.

Do you want to fish and feed easily at great distances? Then the Lakemaster M2 is a great bait boat that can help you! With this bait boat you easily transport up to 4 kilos of feed to cuttings on every conceivable water!

The Lakemaster M2 is a robust bait boat that you can use on almost any water! Then you will find the hull with triple float extremely stable in the water and you can easily sail to the right spot. The boat is equipped with a double pin to hook up your settings during the voyage so that you can drop it off your feed.

Thanks to the bright lights you can also see exactly what happens on the water in the dark! The headlights provide sufficient visibility along the edges and the LEDs on the back show the battery voltage. The LEDs on the side of the boat show you when you drop the bait. That way you know where you're going at a great distance.

  • Sturdy and stable bait boat for all conditions
  • Double screw with protective cover against dirt
  • Capacity of no less than four kilos of feed
  • Double hook release to drop your assembly separately from the feed
  • Reach up to 400 meters
  • Bright lights to find your spot in the dark
  • Includes battery and remote control
  • Contents of priming : 4kg
  • Color Green
  • Maximum range : 400m
  • Battery Type : Lead-acid 12V9AH

Dimensions : 68cm x 49cm x 25cm - Weight : 8.00kg 

Présence de caches hélisses afin d'éviter tous problèmes avec les herbiers

Télécommande numérique 2.4gHz 4 cannaux  

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