Faith Lakemaster M1 Bait Boat CC918 + Gift
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Faith Lakemaster M1 Bait Boat CC918
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Faith Lakemaster M1 Bait Boat CC918

Faith Lakemaster M1 Bait Boat CC918 

Faith Lakemaster M1 Bait Boat

With the Lakemaster M1 Feed Boat you can fish easily and easily on cuttings where you can not come ! This compact bait boat is equipped with hook release clip, bright lighting, a double drive, handy carry strap and a capacity of 2kg.


Do you want to fish and feed easily at great distances? Then the Lakemaster M1 is a great bait boat that you can help with! With this bait boat you can easily transport up to 2 kilos of feed to cuttings at very great distances.

The Lakemaster M1 is a compact bait boat for almost every Dutch water! Then you will find the hull with double float stable in the water and you can easily sail to the right spot. The boat is equipped with a single pin to hook up your fitting during the sailing so that you can drop it off your feed.


Thanks to the bright lights you can also see exactly what happens on the water in the dark! The headlights provide sufficient visibility along the edges and the LEDs on the back show the battery voltage.


  • Sturdy and compact front boat for almost every Dutch water
  • Double screw with protective cover against dirt
  • Capacity of no less than two kilos of feed
  • Hook release to drop your assembly loose from the feed
  • Reach up to 400 meters
  • Bright lights to find your spot in the dark
  • Includes carrying strap, battery and remote control
  • Contents of priming : 2kg
  • Color Green
  • Maximum range : 400m
  • Battery Type : Lead-acid 12V9AH

Dimensions : 55cm x 38cm x 23cm - Weight : 7.8kg

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Ccarp Bait Boat Fish Finder Lucky CC918

  • Display: high contrast FSTN LCD 
  • 4-level grayscale. 160V X 132H
  • Power output (RMS) : 100 W  
  • Power output (peak-to-peak) : 800 W 
  • Operating frequency : 125 kHz  
  • Sonar coverage(wireless): 90 degrees at 125 kHz 
  • Depth Units: Meters/Feet
  • Depth capability : 135feet 
  • Wireless operating range: Up to 980 feet 
  • Target separation: 2.5 inches  
  • Fresh/Salt Water Environment
  • Temperature sensor: included in transducer
  • Operational Temperature : From -10C to 50C (14 Fto122 F)
  • Power input : 10 to 20 V DC / 8 AA alkaline battery
  • Unit mounting : Portable case
  • Clear fish icon, fish alarm
  • Operational wireless Frequency : 433.93mHz 
  • Wireless signal tower battery requirement: 10 to 20 V DC
  • Memory : Built –in memory stores sonar setting when the unit is turned off 

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Bundle detail : 
1 x213438Bateau Amorceur Faith Lakemaster M1
1 x213451Kit Echosondeur Bateau Amorceur Ccarp Lucky CC918