Faith Biwy Lamp Mini 250 Lumens

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Faith Biwy Lamp Mini 250 Lumens
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Faith Biwy Lamp Mini 250 Lumens

Faith Biwy Lamp Mini 250 Lumens

Compact and ergonomic, this mini biwy lamp will easily find its place in your fishing gear.

Its low consumption will guarantee you an excellent autonomy to allow you to illuminate the interior of your biwy or more simply your fishing station.

In addition to being able to be placed (on a table for example), the lamp can also be suspended from the top or the bottom. It has 3 lighting modes including a flashing mode, ideal for marking your position when you go fight a fish boat during the night.


  • Power: 250 lumens
  • 3 lighting modes: full power, economical, flashing.
  • Can be asked or suspended
  • Removable white diffuser
  • Autonomy: 120 hours at full power, 198 hours in economy mode
  • Presence of 9 LEDs
  • Works with 3 AA batteries (not included)

Dimensions : 6cm x 6cm x 14cm


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