Extra Carp Master EXC 50 Freespool Reel

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Founded in 1994, the Extra Carp brand was quickly recognized for the reliability and excellent quality of its products. This company ensures the growth of its range and its mission is to provide high quality products and accessories at the best quality / price ratio.

Extra Carp Master EXC 50 Freespool Reel
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Extra Carp Master EXC 50 Freespool Reel

Extra Carp Master EXC 50 Freespool Reel

Here is a goes everywhere reel that will delight carp anglers looking for a compact but robust freespool reel.

With an aluminum spool and a high-density graphite frame, the Carp Master EXC 50 contains reliable mechanics with the presence of a reinforced control wheel, 5 + 1 "One Way Clutch" ball bearing for a very good fluidity, and an anti-twist roller which limits the problems of "twisting" of the line.

Ideal to be set on all types of rods, the Master EXC 50 is a versatile reel!


  • 5 + 1 ball bearing
  • Reinforced control wheel
  • Sharp release system
  • Frame made of high density graphite
  • Computer Balanced Rotor
  • One Way Clutch Ball Bearing
  • Anti-Twist Roller
  • Machined aluminum crank
  • Aluminum spool

Informations techniques
Bobine Sup.
5 + 1
195cm / 0.35mm


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