Extra Carp Marker Float EXC

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Founded in 1994, the Extra Carp brand was quickly recognized for the reliability and excellent quality of its products. This company ensures the growth of its range and its mission is to provide high quality products and accessories at the best quality / price ratio.

Extra Carp Marker Float EXC
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Extra Carp Marker Float EXC

Extra Carp Marker Float EXC

Thanks to the Marker Float EXC, you'll have no excuse to stop seeing your marker !

Indeed, in addition to offering powerful aerodynamics that allows it to be propelled at great distance, it comes with a set of interchangeable fins to ensure the best possible visibility, regardless the light or weather conditions.

Marker supplied with 3 interchangeable fins (orange / blue / green) by screw to avoid losing the fin with the repetition of throws. 

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