Ccarp 42'' Telescopic Landing Net

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The Ccarp brand has been designed to offer an alternative solution to Carp anglers. It offers a range that meets 100% the needs of modern Carpists. The development of the range has been developed and finalized by specialist Carp anglers to guarantee users a response to their expectations.
Ccarp 42'' Telescopic Landing Net

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Ccarp 42'' Telescopic Landing Net

Ccarp 42'' Telescopic Landing Net

Extremely versatile, the Ccarp landing net is designed to allow carp anglers wishing to learn or improve to equip themselves with a powerful but affordable product.

Made of fiberglass for increased strength, its two-part handle offers a small footprint and facilitate the landing of the fish net if you exhaust it from a boat or inflatable boat.


The landing net has a reinforced ABS head and two 42 '' (107cm) arms that offer a wide opening. Its "mesh" net is designed to preserve the mucus of the fish but also to limit the risk of injury during handling.

It is a model goes everywhere that will allow you to dry the most beautiful specimens!

  • Telescopic handle
  • 42 "arms (107cm)
  • Solid fiberglass handle
  • Reinforced ABS head
  • Fish-friendly net
  • Total length of the handle: 180cm
  • Robust carbon composite arm
  • Comes in a storage bag

Filsh-friendly net

Strong fiberglass handle


Supplied in a transport bag

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