Carpsounder Roc XRS-ACC Black Neon 4 Bite Alarms Set

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Carpsounder detectors work even after several days of immersion under water... 100% waterproof. They are particularly appreciated by all those who fish a lot, whatever the climatic conditions. Their technology today reaches the peak in reliability and longevity. Carpsounder products are legendary products.

Carpsounder Roc XRS-ACC Black Neon 4 Bite Alarms Set
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Carpsounder Roc XRS-ACC Black Neon 4 Bite Alarms Set

Carpsounder Roc XRS-ACC Black Neon 4 Bite Alarms Set

For 2018 the ROC XRS system has undergone a great evolution! Including a long battery life of the central unit, retransmission of the tone control, new 7-color SMD diodes with automatic transmission of the colors of each detector on the control panel, new vibrator more powerful, ESF mode, and with the superb new innovation of CS, the ACC-LIGHT, a function that constantly informs the fisherman about the state of the connection between central and the indicators. For more functionality and more pleasure in fishing!


Detector with radio transmitter, compatible with the XRS control unit, reception distance of over 300m on average.

Braid and nylon-compatible detection system, insensitive to bad weather and particularly reliable.

Management of functions and multiple settings by 100% waterproof and ergonomic pressure buttons in use.

Five mini multi-function LEDs to indicate modes and levels when setting, and to dynamically differentiate runs and dropback keys in fishing action.


Very effective sensitivity adjustment with a very high maximum sensitivity and with a system for limiting parasitic false touches in the event of wind or waves.

  • Tone adjustment over a very wide range of frequencies.
  • Volume control with a "mute" position (audible keys on the control unit) for discrete peaches.
  • Specific audible signal and signal light (dynamic by 5 mini-diodes in line) specific for the return keys and the starts.
  • Visual key for back key memorisation for about 20 seconds.
  • Color adjustment of the key diode with 7 colors to choose (blue, red, yellow, green, purple, white, cyan), and a "diode off" position for discrete peaches.
  • ACC-LIGHT control and reception function, new CARPSOUNDER interactive function between the detectors and the XRS 2018 control panel.


  • Night LED at choice (enabled or disabled).
  • Non-slip cane supports for perfect rod handling.
  • 2.5 mm jack for light beams.
  • Radio code setting, simple and fast by the controls of the detector and the control unit.
  • Armored polyamide fiberglass shell (black version), equipped with CARPSOUNDER waterproofing system with stainless steel screws.
  • 9V battery (supplied with the detector) for a long battery life.

The receiver now offers a range of several weeks, and the fisherman can further multiply the autonomy with the "ESF" function. In this mode the central offers several months of autonomy while maintaining a large reception distance.

The reception distance also progresses considerably to promote a good connection even on more rugged terrain.


The 2018 receiver transmits the tone adjustment of each detector so that the fisherman can differentiate these rods also by the sound signal of the central.

The 2018 is equipped with 4 multicolored LEDs that can light in 7 colors (red, yellow, green, blue, white, cyan, purple) to differentiate up to 7 detectors by color. The new diodes are of the "black-ice" type for better visibility during the day.

The sound signal of the control unit has been reworked for better audibility and for more coherence with the sound signal of the indicators. The sound is much more dynamic and powerful.


The ACC-LIGHT function permanently indicates to the fisherman the correct connection with his indicators. With this mode activated, the diodes activate in position mode with slow pulsations, close to the breathing rhythm. When the connection with the indicators is stable the diodes are green. In the event of a temporary disturbance, their color becomes yellow, and in the event of a prolonged loss of signal with one of the detectors, the diode in question goes red with a warning sound. The ACC-LIGHT function is both reassuring and pleasant with its interactive side.

In the ESF mode, the control unit operates with a slightly lower sensitivity which considerably reduces energy consumption, for a reduced autonomy and without a significant loss of reception distance.

Vibrations in vibrator mode are significantly more powerful than in the previous model. 


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