Carpsounder Neon NX Blue (Set of 4)

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Carpsounder detectors work even after several days of immersion under water... 100% waterproof. They are particularly appreciated by all those who fish a lot, whatever the climatic conditions. Their technology today reaches the peak in reliability and longevity. Carpsounder products are legendary products.

Carpsounder Neon NX Blue (Set of 4)
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Carpsounder Neon NX Blue (Set of 4)

Carpsounder Neon NX Blue (Set of 4)

With this range of analogic bite alarms CARPSOUNDER innovates with an spécific design unsing translucid colored material.

The NEON models are available in olive-green, reddish brown, or dark blue design with black or colored rod holders.

The high visibility ledlights are available in green, blue, red, or yellow. All NEON models can be connected to the transmitter system FUNKBOX-4.


100% waterproof and huge battery standing time.

The well adjusted sensitivity with 1 bip every 25 mm works perfectly in all conditions of lake and riverfishing.