Carp Spirit D-Spool Line Stripper

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Carp Spirit propose operational and durable carp products. Meet the complete range of braids, luggage, bed and level chairs, shelters and bite indicators.

Carp Spirit D-Spool Line Stripper
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Carp Spirit D-Spool Line Stripper

Because the accessory is an essential element for the success of the fisherman, CARP SPIRIT has developed a range of high quality accessories that meet the needs of carp fishing.

A collection where nothing has been left to chance, and for which CARP SPIRIT has selected the best components and refined the smallest details.

Developed in close collaboration with members of the CARP SPIRIT team, tested, proven and improved in the field for many months.

Carp Spirit D-Spool Line Stripper

Designed to be used with a cordless drill for effortless stripping of old line, the D-Spool will even remove ‘bedded in’ line or braid.

The D-spool also features a safety clutch in the event of the line becoming snagged whilst stripping.

After all the line is stripped, simply untwist the cap to release the old line for disposal.

Remove the bobbin cover.

Secure the line between the cover and the spool and fix the cover.

Attach the hexagonal rod to a drill.

Start turning the spool and guide the line with your hand.

Once finished, remove the cap and remove the line from the spool.

Cut the line into small pieces and throw in the trash.

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