Carp Spirit Black Boat 230 Rhino VX 34lbs Navigation Pack

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Carp Spirit propose operational and durable carp products. Meet the complete range of braids, luggage, bed and level chairs, shelters and bite indicators.

Carp Spirit Black Boat 230 Rhino VX 34lbs Navigation Pack
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Carp Spirit Black Boat 230 Rhino VX 34lbs Navigation Pack

Carp Spirit Black Boat 230 Rhino VX 34lbs Navigation Pack

Carp Spirit Black Inflatable Boat 230 Alu Floor

To meet the growing expectations of many carp anglers , we develop a range of tires designed for the practice of fishing and thought in every detail.

The range of pneumatic Carp Spirit Black Boat is the culmination of over 2 years of design, development and testing by Team Spirit Carp .

Features :

  • Aluminium floor
  • inflatable chambers : 3 + 1
  • A unique interior volume in the market thanks to the decline of the transom
  • Cutting the wave and staying the course with its protected inflatable keel
  • Cleat on the front to stabilize the same boat with one hand
  • Canvas 0.9mm with side protection and on the bottom for long life
  • Removable and adjustable bench
  • Strings on the periphery
  • Hooks Stainless steel front
  • Side handles multi use
  • removable paddle black with fixing screws to secure
  • transom with motor carrier plate
  • inflation valves with anti return
  • Transport bag for floor and boat
  • Air pump large volume foot and repair kit included
  • Max engine power: 4HP
  • maxi Charge : 350 kg
  • Max persons : 2
  • Interior dimensions: 168cm x 60cm

Dimensions : 230cm x 131cm x Ø42cm - Weight : 40kg

The opinion of Pascal Kowalik: The tracking and setting by boat are techniques that I use very often in my fishing sessions. Today, I am lucky to be able to use a unique, reliable and very safe boat, namely the Black Boat.

It allows me to carry material for several days thanks to a very large space available inside. In large lake its extreme stability due to its aluminum floor and its inflatable keel make it an ideal ally.

And what about its cleat cam that stabilizes the boat with an anchor with one hand. In short, a boat that gives me complete satisfaction.

The Black Boat series is also comfortable on the banks of the Salagou...

... as on those of the lake of Fôret d'Orient.

Extreme stability. 

Cleat at the front to stabilize the boat even with one hand.

3 stainless steel hooks at the front

Black aluminum floor for high stability

Removable and adjustable bench

Backboard with engine support plate

Inflation valves with anti-return

Stainless steel hook inside with rope to fix the big accessories

Multi-purpose side handles

Removable oars in black color with secure screw fixation

0.9mm fabric with side and bottom protection for durability

Transport bag for floor and boat

Repair kit included


Rhino VX 34lbs Electric Motor


For those who do not want to be left behind! 

Rhino VX, a foolproof engine! Even better, it's one of the most powerful electric outboard motors on the market. Thanks to optimized power consumption, the Rhino VX works longer with a battery of equivalent capacity. The gearshift (5 forward and 2 reverse) and steering are done by means of the telescopic handle. It rises with the push of a button and the dive depth of the propeller in the water is continuously adjustable, as well as the thrust of the propeller.

Load control display. Rhino VX is an electric outboard motor very easy to use and absolutely reliable. He will be the steadfast partner of thousands of boating enthusiasts. 

  • With loading check display 
  • With steel shaft 
  • Extremely low energy consumption 


Bundle detail : 
1 x219193Bateau Gonflable Carp Spirit Black Boat 230 Plancher Alu
1 x219019Moteur Rhino Electrique VX 34lbs
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