Carp Spirit Accessory Bag GM

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Carp Spirit propose operational and durable carp products. Meet the complete range of braids, luggage, bed and level chairs, shelters and bite indicators.

Carp Spirit Accessory Bag GM
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Carp Spirit Accessory Bag GM

Because luggage is an essential part of the fisherman's outfit, we have developed a range of high quality luggage that meets the needs of carp fishing. A collection where nothing was left to chance, and for which we have selected the best components and refined smallest details.

A particularly neat design, combining functionality and large volumes of storage, everything has been thought in the smallest detail to bring you the best satisfaction !

Carp Spirit Accessory Bag GM

This large bag very complete is equipped with many storage. Contains 2 new compartmentalized GM boxes, designed to store small accessories such as leaded clips or hooks.

Can also receive your bait-rocket reel, boosters or pop ups in the upper part equipped with removable dividers.

Dimensions : 50cm x 34cm x 35cm. 

Upper part equipped with removable Velcro separators.

Presence of elastic to accommodate various affairs.