Atropa Atrotube Telescopic Marker 6.30m Full kit

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Atropa Technology is born from the passion of its designer for electronics and leisure related to nature. Its goal is to develop detection or spotting systems for fishing and made in France.

Atropa Atrotube Telescopic Marker 6.30m Full kit
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Atropa Atrotube Telescopic Marker 6.30m Full kit

Atropa Atrotube Telescopic Marker 6.30m Full kit

Placed on the market for over two years, the ATROTUBE revealed himself as the perfect accessory for the more elaborate tracking daytime . Many carp anglers who adopted it for its ease of assembly but especially for the little extra that makes the difference: a telescopic head neon yellow.

The Atrotube acts as a float whose bright yellow antenna erected roughly 80 cm above the surface , guarantees a perfect location. The submerged part plays a crucial role and should not be overlooked in its assembly.

Atrotube The kit consists of 5 sections hollow length of 0.90 meters each, reed green color to the discretion of a telescopic section of 1.80 meter higher termination designed to automatically adjust to the water depth and compensate for level changes ( it is the strong point of this system is also patented) , a beacon support and an anchoring ring . This antenna by its magnitude and buoyancy adapting to changes in the water level allows you very precise control.

The first base section comprises a stainless split ring for the anchor ballast not supplied by the manufacturer. The mark represents in any case an obstacle in case of combat. If the fish bypasses the landmark under several meters of water, it literally layer under the pressure , to drag the thread on the tube length and then return to its original position.

The reed green color perfectly confuses Atrotube with the natural environment and it is not rare to see it move under the friction of a curious carp to see covered fish eggs during spawning.

It is important to clarify that benefited Atrotubes a screw system not fast square (3 1/2 turns ) ; this is a unique concept on the market! Indeed, the other tubes available on the market have a metric thread, long screw and fragile.

" A body immersed in a liquid receives a thrust exerted from the bottom up , which is equal to the weight of the volume of liquid displaced . " Archimedes' principle here is a chosen application. By following the manufacturer's instructions , or 250 grams for a meter of wet section, you will not see your Atrotube transformed into giant waggler and drifting with the currents through ballast failure.

In the case of significant depth , the actual weight of the submerged body is lighter than its weight in immersion ( apparent weight ), the pressure keeps Atrotube in a vertical position , thus annihilating the oblique effect.

For example 4,50 meters deep :

  • 1- a base section weighted at 750 grams (3 x 250g)
  • 2-two intermediate sections
  • 3- a section with telescopic head

Take care to stabilize your boat over your fishing area and plunge the weighted first tube (1) in the water now firmly fixed manner . Enter another section (2) and screw it by performing 3 and a half laps . The screwing and unscrewing system is designed to allow you to do this with confidence with one hand .

The threaded ends in highly resistant nylon facilitate the execution of the gesture. If you are alone , place all necessary handy sections on the boat.

Take care to immerse the last section in at least 10 cm of water so that the telescopic antenna in response to the pressure , stands completely above the surface.

In shallow water ( between 0,80cm and 1.50m ) , use only the last section with telescopic head. Archimedes' principle mentioned above can not apply to a lesser depth, research implies verticality a modification of the ballast system relying on the rigidity of the tube. So that the tube remains straight, so you have to immobilize the base of the latter by an integral ballast.

The choice of a flat lead disc-shaped with a diameter therefore be made here for obvious reasons of ground socket ; a larger contact surface increases the quality of the seat. The ballast must acknowledge a weight of 500 grams to 1 kilo and can be achieved using a simple metal box in which you will lead a cast slab .