Anatec Pac Boat Start'r IVY Camo ALF500 + Gift
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The Anatec brand is specialized in the manufacture of radio controlled starter boats for more than 20 years. Anatec is considered by the biggest names of "Specimen Hunting", as the indispensable ally of carp anglers. The French press considers the Anatec bait boats as the most efficient, reliable and robust on the market.

Anatec Pac Boat Start'r IVY Camo ALF500
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Anatec Pac Boat Start'r IVY Camo ALF500

Anatec Pac Boat Start'r IVY Camo ALF500

Anatec Pac Boat Start'r IVY Camo

Featuring a reduced size and with an amazing ease of use, the PACBOAT is an improved version of PACBOAT.

Thanks to a higher deck, the water line was increased which improves buoyancy. At the same time, the capacity of the bait tray is changed from 1 to 1.5kg.

Compared to his brothers (MONOCOQUE and CATAMARAN), PAC BOAT benefits from minimum dimensions and limited weight for ease of transport and use.

It is designed to meet the growing demand of some users, for whom the boat initiator remains essential, but who do not wish for much would you need a model that could hinder a more 'mobile' approach to their fishing.

Some electronics GRAUPNER brand have been replaced by standard components (variable speed drive and servomotor).

The AD1202 remote enjoys the 2.4GHz, allowing transmission up to 250m to avoid any loss of control.

The minimalist design of the PAC BOAT goes to the essential, no useless gadgets, soft lines and begin precisely its fishing spots is the essential feature of this boat that beginners in this field will have no trouble taking in hand.

It has a digital voltage controller to instantly check the battery voltage.

The PAC BOAT is powered by a propeller engine powered by 2 lead batteries 6V 4.5 Ah. The use of the boat autonomy is about 80 minutes and its maximum speed of 1.6 meters / second.

It is headed by a steering mechanism.

Located in the rear position, the PACBOAT boot tray has a 1.5kg capacity. This tray allows the transport of the baits and of the line.

Supplied with :

  • 2 Batteries 6V/5Ah
  • 1 Anti rust spray grease
  • Charger supplied 


Dimensions : 59 X 28 X 25 cm - Weight : 4.5 Kg (including batteries )

Anatec ALF500 Bait Boat Echosounder Colour with Probe

The ALF500 is a wireless transmission echo sounder that can be used on all ANATEC bait boats.

If you have chosen a boat model equipped with an ALF500 echo sounder, the manual (supplied with the echo sounder) will familiarize you with the various functions.

If you have chosen an unequipped boat version, note that it is possible to mount easily the sonar on your boat yourself with the kit including the necessary parts for assembly.


The sonar elements are as follows:

  • An autonomous receiver (screen) with antenna.
  • An electronic transmission box (transmitter).
  • A power switch to enable or disable the sounder.
  • A power supply
  • An emitting antenna (on the boat).
  • A probe with seal and tightening nut.
  • An orange rubber probe adapter (for Catamaran and Maxboat only).
  • Velcro to fix the transmitter on some boats.
  • An antenna extension (for Pacboat and Maxboat only)

Technical characteristics of the ALF500 sounder:

  • Total screen size: 153 X 110 X 44 mm
  • 4.3 '' LCD screen size: 97 X 57 mm
  • Screen definition: 480 X 272 pixels
  • Operating range up to 30 meters deep
  • Max transmission distance: 300 meters
  • Operating range temperature: -10 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Angle of probe: 60 °
  • 1) Power / Exit Button
  • 2) Enter key
  • 3) Menu key
  • 4) Navigation keys in the menu
  • 5) Depth indication
  • 6) Temperature indication
  • 7) Strength of the reception signal
  • 8) Fish icon
  • 9) Indication of depth of echo
  • 10) Background
  • 11) Depth Scale
  • 12) Battery level
  • 13) Removable antenna

Click here to download the user manual

Bundle detail : 
1 x213393Bateau Amorceur Anatec Pac Boat Start'r IVY Camo
1 x213313Kit Echosondeur Bateau Amorceur Anatec ALF500 Couleur avec Sonde