Anaconda R-1 3 Bite Alarms Set (R/B/G)

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Trademark recognized for many years in Germany for its reliability, Anaconda has for constant objective to develop technical and robust products by proposing the best quality/price ratio possible.

Anaconda R-1 3 Bite Alarms Set (R/B/G)
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Anaconda R-1 3 Bite Alarms Set (R/B/G)

Anaconda R-1 3 Bite Alarms Set (R/B/G)

All fonctions, as sensitivity, volume and tone are easily to use with the buttons at the front of the bite indicator.

The body is treated with a special coating for shock- and waterproof. In order to connect conventional swingers, a 2,5mm jack is also available. All bite indicators were programmed differently, so several indicators could be used simultaneously at the water.

The set is provided in a stable and padded case. 

  • Nightlight function separately adjustable
  • Modern design
  • Rubber coated body 
  • Shock- and waterproof
  • Integrated wireless transmitter up to 100m
  • 2,5mm jack for swingers on the bottom side of the body
  • 5 different levels of sensitivity control
  • 5 different levels of sound pitches
  • Adjustable volume  ( incl. mute function and activated LED )
  • Metal Snag- bars optionally mountable 
  • LED light displays drop backs and runs with 20 sec afterglow
  • Separated battery compartment
  • Connection for 9V battery (batteries not included)
  • Receiver connection for 3x AAA batteries (batteries not included)