Anaconda Illuminated Biwy Table

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Trademark recognized for many years in Germany for its reliability, Anaconda has for constant objective to develop technical and robust products by proposing the best quality/price ratio possible.

Anaconda Illuminated Biwy Table
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Anaconda Illuminated Biwy Table

Anaconda Illuminated Biwy Table

The new Anaconda biwy table features LED lighting directly embedded in the table.

This table is equipped with a lighting of 10 LEDs which allows you to have a perfect auxiliary light to make your rigs without using a headlamp.

Thanks to its adjustable and folding feet, this table is ideal in many situations.

  • Resistant plastic tray and aluminum legs
  • Works with a 9V battery

Dimensions : 54cm x 29cm x 24/41cm - Weight : 1.4kg 

Tray equiped with compartments

Telescopic legs