Sakura Wafer 152 S 74.5g M06 (Mat Tiger)

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Sakura Wafer 152 S 74.5g M06 (Mat Tiger)
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Sakura Wafer 152 S 74.5g M06 (Mat Tiger)

After having participated in the creation, development and distribution of the most famous brands of international lures, Sakura is happy to propose the evolution of its own range of swimming fish. Seasoned fishermen or novices, all can benefit from our know-how. On the basis of this expertise, we have developed a complete range of lures bringing together great classics that have proved their worth, as well as innovative models, designed to meet French and European fishing conditions.

Made with the best components, meticulously assembled and meticulously decorated, our hardbaits have been proven all around the globe, at sea and in fresh water, by our team and by experienced fishermen. All are unanimous as to the success encountered, whether in difficult conditions to deceive the most suspicious predators when the behavior and the finish of the lure are essential factors, or when it is a question of linking catches in moments of high activity where strength becomes an asset that will make the difference. As for finishing, at such a price ... we leave you alone judges!

Already acclaimed by fishermen and now considered for some as essential, Sakura lures are waiting for you to prove their full power and give you pleasure and efficiency!

Sakura Wafer 152 S 74.5g M06 (Mat Tiger)

Sakura lands in force on the jerkbaits segment with the Wafer. It offers a flat-sided silhouette that will appeal to pike hunters regardless of the depth conditions, type of prey and average pike size of the site. Made of reinforced ABS, it has a stainless steel "full wire" frame which offers a resistance able to confront, without risk, the largest specimens.

You will be able to carry it in your luggage if the Aïmara or other exotic fish tempt you. Animated by jerking, it performs large lurches that will not fail to react active pike. It zigzags more tightly when it is printed with smaller drier twitches of the tip, of low amplitude, which will better correspond to apathetic fish. Its slow flow is a plus for fishing in shallow areas or congested with open water.

Its very dry sound signal is perfect to ensure its location and trigger the attack of predators who seem to particularly appreciate it. Our tester Loïc Domergue has been able to testify on social networks all this summer, because he feasted on the Irish courses, while the conditions were not so easy.

  • Category: Jerkbait
  • Features: 152mm (74.5g) Sinking
  • Swimming depth: Up to 3m

Minnows animations

The art of making "twitches" and "jerks" you will be very useful, even essential, to make the most of minnows.

The "Twitch" is a saccade of short amplitude, carried low rod and whose rate varies according to the desired effect. Between two shots down, the scion repositioned itself to its original starting point which gives it this orderly and mechanical character.

The "Jerk" is a loose and irregular jerk, carried rod side or 45 ° upwards. A jerk offsets and moves a lure much more powerfully than a twitch and has no equal to raise, on a lure moving near the surface, apathetic fish posted deep.