Pelzer Mini 160 Flover 33 Lbs Navigation Pack

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The Pelzer brand makes it a point of honor to offer robust, reliable and functional products, so that each session brings you even more pleasure and success! We are proud to offer you Pelzer products exclusively on the French market! And to all European carpanglers !

Pelzer Mini 160 Flover 33 Lbs Navigation Pack
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Pelzer Mini 160 Flover 33 Lbs Navigation Pack

Pelzer Mini 160 Flover 33 Lbs Navigation Pack

Pelzer Executive Inflatable Boat Slat Floor Mini 160

The robust PELZER mini boat will fit inflated in every station wagon.

Includes mini transom for small electric motors like 18 to 35lb type engines. The smallest PELZER boat is equipped with a 3-pcs kayak double paddle for fast propulsion and easy manoeuvring.

Everything you need in a compact boat...


  • Manufacture in thick olive / camou thick canvas 0.7mm thick
  • Solid backboard for use of electric / thermal motor (up to 1hp)
  • Supplied bench adjustable in length
  • Ultra stable
  • Supplied with his black rowing set
  • Rounded oars
  • Stainless steel anchor point on the bow
  • Floor made of 3 wooden slats
  • Lateral reinforcement strips for more robustness
  • Double inflation valves
  • ISO 6185 - Category C


Flover TG Electric Motor 33lbs

Lightweight, powerful and efficient! These are the 3 words that could best describe this series.

With its experience in the field of inflatable boats, Carp Design offers this year a new range of electric motors, specially designed to meet the expectations of carp anglers.

Thanks to the latest electronics technology, Flover TGs work longer than other engines with a battery of equivalent capacity.


Its control box is equipped with a 9 diode ramp that indicates the battery charge level to avoid unpleasant surprises while on the water. For convenience, the control stick is telescopic (14cm extendable) for comfort when navigating.

The Flover TG has a trigger located close to the engine mount that allows you to tilt the engine with a single pressure (10 positions), while a screw ring on the arm will allow you to adjust the immersion depth of the engines propeller.

They work with a 12V battery (battery not supplied) and are available in 3 different powers (33lbs, 40lbs and 55lbs) in order to meet all the needs and adapt best to each type of boat. 


The power cables are equipped with rings that will make it easy to connect to the fast lugs of your battery (battery not included). For optimal use, we recommend using a marine battery (slow discharge of minimum 100AH) and especially to equip you with a life jacket. 

The tests carried out on this 33lbs version allowed us to measure the following autonomies with a battery* of 100AH ​​discharged up to 85% :

  • Speed 1 : 9h22
  • Speed 2 : 7h30
  • Speed 3 : 5h21
  • Speed 4 : 3h45
  • Speed 5 : 2h30

* Slow discharge marine battery loaded at 100%


Technical characteristics :

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Depth adjustment: hose clamp
  • Max power: 33lbs / 15kg
  • Propeller type: 2 blades
  • Number of forward speed: 5
  • Number of rear speed: 3
  • Equivalence of power with a heat engine: 0.53HP
  • Battery recommended: 100HA slow discharge
  • Sealing index: IP65
  • Max weight of the boat: 780kg
  • Power: 396W
  • Amperage: 30A / 33A
  • Shaft type: aluminum
  • Length of the shaft: 75cm
  • Weight: 6.8kg
  • 2 years warranty

Bundle detail : 
1 x219273Bateau Gonflable Pelzer Executive Plancher Lattes Mini 160
1 x219268Moteur Electrique Carp Design Flover TG 33lbs
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