Nash Pursuit Spod/Marker 12' 4.5lbs BP-12

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Today Nash is the largest brand dedicated to carp fishing, translating into high quality products the desires and needs of fishermen, a leading brand in the UK as well as in Europe and around the world for carp anglers from 32 different countries! Nash: Innovators from the beginning.

Nash Pursuit Spod/Marker 12' 4.5lbs BP-12
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Nash Pursuit Spod/Marker 12' 4.5lbs BP-12

Nash Pursuit Spod/Marker 12' 4.5lbs BP-12  

Nash Pursuit Spod/Marker Rod 12' 4.5lbs

The proven Nash design of a fast taper 4.5 lb blank, does both marker and spod work, and better.

Maximum transmission of feel through the stiffer tip helps read underwater features more accurately, and fast tip speed with a powerful butt casts the heaviest Spombs or Spods for extreme range baiting.

  • Low resin fast recovery advanced carbon blank with 3k weave design
  • 4.5 lb fast taper blank for extreme casting with heavy spods 
  • Stiff tip design for enhanced feature finding using braided lines
  • Tournament style reverse mounted Minima rings reduce frap ups
  • Anti-frap flared tip ring design
  • Depth markers at 12 inches and 24 inches
  • Ergonomic soft touch reel seat 
  • Minimal stripped down non slip butt with custom ball grip
  • Blank alignment markers
  • Matte black whippings with gloss black decals

Informations techniques
12' (360cm)24.5lbsMinima Tournament


Nash BP-12 Reel

The slick all black Nash BP big pit fast drag reel with an enlarged capacity spool for the most challenging venues, long casting and boating baits to extreme range.

Uprated six stainless bearing construction for rugged performance season after season. 


  • Matte Black Finish
  • Aluminium long cast spool
  • Fast drag 
  • One touch folding handle 
  • Dual Spot On line clips for precision casting
  • Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Line guard spool system
  • Level Wind line lay 
  • Oversized line roller reduces line twist
  • CNC machined ergonomic handle with isotope slot 

Technicale sheet
Bobine Sup.
6+14.9:1NC466m / 0.35mm--


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1 x251291Canne Nash Pursuit Spod/Marker 12' 4.5lbs
1 x202008Moulinet Nash BP-12