Lucky Smart Ball Pro Fish Finder + Screen Support
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Specialist in marine electronics, Lucky develops and designs a range of reliable and robust sonar units designed to help you optimize your fishing trips.
Lucky Smart Ball Pro Fish Finder + Screen Support
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Lucky Smart Ball Pro Fish Finder + Screen Support

Lucky Smart Ball Pro Fish Finder + Screen Support

Lucky Smart Ball Pro Fish Finder

The Lucky Smart Ball Pro Fishfinder is a wireless, portable and compatible fishfinder for iOS and Android on smartphones and tablets.

The Wi-Fi connection maximizes the distance between the Lucky Smart Ball and the user up to 70m and the detection depth up to 45m.

The Lucky Smart Ball Pro is the essential accessory for your fishing trips. It is designed to scan the bottom of the water and the entire water column, and to report fish, measure depth, temperature, bottom structure and other data essential for fishing efficiently.

The Luckysmart app allows you to read in real time the structure of the seabed and its inhabitants. Thanks to its intuitive operation, you won't have a hard time picking it up.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the sonar as well as the scrolling speed of the display, the higher the sensitivity, the more echo return will be displayed on the screen and therefore the detail of the bottom.

Set how often your sonar receives returned echoes. The faster you move your transducer, the more scroll speed you will need to increase.

The screen reading indicates the water temperature, the depth of the bottom, the quality of the bottom (the darker the color, the higher the soil density), the fish icon function with depth, the sensitivity, battery level and wireless signal level.

Technical Specifications:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • Use Smartphone GPS
  • Luckysmart App
  • Detection angle: 90°
  • Operating distance: 230ft/70m
  • Sonar frequency: 125khz
  • Maximum detection depth: 135ft/45m
  • Battery: 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
  • Ultralight design

Lucky Smart diameter: 7.6cm

Sonar settings: 

  • Sonar sensitivity ( the more sonar signals will be returned and displayed on the screen, and the more sensitive feedback of the underwater situation will be)
  • Chart speed (the more frequently the sonar data is collected, the more accurate the underwater situation displayed on the screen)
  • Brightness screen
  • Shallow alarm (when the actual measured water depth is lower than the set value, the fish detector will make an alarm to remind you that the current water depth is too shallow)
  • Manuel or Auto detect water range (set the depth interval of the fish and bottom information to be detected)
  • Fish icon (set the fish icon on and off)
  • Fish alarm (you can choose to turn off the fish alarm, or choose big, medium and small fish alarm)
  • Units (select the tunis of depth and temperature)

Contains charger, carrying case and adapter

Adapter for hanging on a rigid stand 

Carrying case to attach to your waist with drawstring

Magnetic charger included

Technical Specifications

Click here to download the user manual

Lucky Fish Finder Holder for Smart Screen

Lucky Fish Finder Holder is compatible with a hand-held fish finder. Utilizing the Lucky triangle base with suction cups and the detachable bracket.

You can easily mount the lucky Fish Finder to any flat surface of a kayak, boat or canoe. It’s easy to install and have 3 optional installations that maximize availability to satisfy any fishing type.

Also compatible with your smartphone

360° swivel

3 suction cups and its detachable holder

Accessory screw for Camera or Camcorder

Bundle detail : 
1 x213590Lucky Smart Ball Pro Fish Finder
1 x213592Lucky Fish Finder Holder for Smart Screen
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