Korda Shockleader Sleeve (quantity 10)

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One of the most prestigious Anglo-Saxon brands for small carp fishing tackle. According to specialists, Korda accessories are the best on the market and especially the most sought after the best Carpers throughout Europe!

Korda Shockleader Sleeve (quantity 10)
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Korda Shockleader Sleeve (quantity 10)

Korda Shockleader Sleeve  (quantity 10)

Like all our products, the Shockleader Sleeve puts fish safety as top priority.

We designed this sleeve to replace the hard plastic lead insert and make your inline rig as anti-tangle and fish friendly as possible when using shockleaders.


If the line breaks, the lead pulls free and slides down the line, easily passing over the leader knot. Once the lead is off fish find it easier to get rid of the hook.