Korda Oval Rig Ring (quantity 20)

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One of the most prestigious Anglo-Saxon brands for small carp fishing tackle. According to specialists, Korda accessories are the best on the market and especially the most sought after the best Carpers throughout Europe!

Korda Oval Rig Ring (quantity 20)
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Korda Oval Rig Ring (quantity 20)

Korda Oval Rig Ring (quantity 20)

Korda Rig Rings are a crossbreed of the best parts of modern day metal technologies. 

The silky smooth PTFE coating enhances the effectiveness of rigs incorporating a ring, especially when coupled with Korda PTFE-coated hooks.

Korda rig rings have been specially designed to help the angler create a variety of different rigs for the ever-changing demands required to catch carp today. Available in four sizes and finished in black to aid concealment, the presentation options are almost endless.