Fox Zig Rig Storage System

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Fox is the largest distributor of specialized fishing tackle for carp. Who are the carp anglers who have never heard of products such as Swingers, FOX box systems, Microns. This is proof of a permanent desire for innovation and progress policy, both in design and in product development.

Fox Zig Rig Storage System
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Fox Zig Rig Storage System

Fox Zig Rig Storage System

The all-new Zig Rig Disc offers a solution for storing your zig rigs adapted to today's fishermen.

The box Fox Zig Rig System is very compact, it is equipped with 5 profiled discs of 30cm of circumference, in EVA foam which can each contain 3 rigs. It is also equipped with a storage space for tacks hidden in the handle of the Zig Disc.


For even more compact and secure storage, your Fox Zig Rig System Box is delivered in a zipped neoprene cover. Once again, the FOX company stands out and innovates in safe products with a very neat look.