Fox Horizon X5 Spod/Marker 13' EOS 12000

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Fox is the largest distributor of specialized fishing tackle for carp. Who are the carp anglers who have never heard of products such as Swingers, FOX box systems, Microns. This is proof of a permanent desire for innovation and progress policy, both in design and in product development.

Fox Horizon X5 Spod/Marker 13' EOS 12000
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Fox Horizon X5 Spod/Marker 13' EOS 12000

Fox Horizon X5 Spod/Marker 13' EOS 12000  

The design of the Fox rods is computer-assisted and fully realized in the Fox design offices in England, using the knowledge of some of Europe's most renowned fishermen and the most advanced materials and technologies (very low-grade carbons). resin, thin and light blanks), which allowed us to create the ultimate range of carp rods.

Whatever your budget and your expectations, you will find in this range the rod you need, the one with which you will become one; a rod that will behave exactly as you expect each time. From the exceptional launch tool that is the Horizon XT K to the new Warrior S, Fox rods have never been so successful.

Fox Horizon X5 Spod/Marker 50mm 13' Rod

Finally a rod for carp anglers looking to launch their spod at incredible distances!

Utilizing the highest quality of low resin content carbon with a 1K shell, the Horizon X5 features a thin ultra high modulus carbon blank with multi-directional nano fiber and inter-laminar resin.

Rapid compression feedback promotes distance and accuracy on supported throws. This X5 rod is real spodding machine !


Equipped with beautiful black Fuji Sic K rings, including the 50mm butt ring and 16mm head, which greatly reduce the risk of pitch knots, with a very simple finish, the Horizon X5 will take you to a new dimension. 


  • Ultra high modulus carbon with multidirectional fiber nano and inter laminar resin
  • Blank carbon fabric 1K
  • Rapid compression back promotes distance and accuracy on supported throws
  • Super action in action
  • Reinforced carbon spigot sockets
  • Black K-Series rings, from 16mm to 50mm, which greatly reduce the risk of pitch knots
  • DPS 18mm reel seat
  • Black accessories and ligatures
  • Sleek and neat finish

Technical Informations
Test Curve
13' (390cm)2NCFuji Sic K série



Scott Day in action with the X5  

Fox EOS 12000 Reel

"The new EOS 12000 is a slightly more basic version than 12000 FS but it offers incredible performance, style and reliability in this price range. "


Our new EOS 12000 is a version for fishermen with a smaller budget. An elegant matte black color "graphite" and with many features of high quality, it is an unparalleled value for money.

Not equipped with the clutch release system the EOS 12000 is lighter than the 12000 FS and weighs only 744gr! The performance of the reel is not affected because the quick adjustment of the front brake makes it possible to go from a loose position to a combat position almost instantaneously.

During the testing phase of the EOS 12000, our leading consultants have only praised him, Mark Pitchers and Steve Spurgeon have also added that he was the best reel they used!


  • Matte Black finish with sober logos
  • Rugged graphite body
  • Suitable for fishing but also for spodding
  • Quick front brake with anti-fouling seal
  • 7 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing
  • "Pro cast" coil top lip
  • Anti twisting pickup roller
  • Mesh-Tec mechanisms
  • Anti-return system
  • Guides wire on the rotor
  • Spring wire clip
  • CNS system

Technical Informations
Ball Bearings
Spool added
300m / 0.39mm



Bundle detail : 
1 x251353Canne Fox Horizon X5 Spod/Marker 50mm 13'
1 x202484Moulinet Fox EOS 12000