Extra Carp Planet Carp Line 1000m

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Founded in 1994, the Extra Carp brand was quickly recognized for the reliability and excellent quality of its products. This company ensures the growth of its range and its mission is to provide high quality products and accessories at the best quality / price ratio.

Extra Carp Planet Carp Line 1000m
Diamètre: 0,30mm
Diamètre: 0,35mm
Diamètre: 0,37mm
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Extra Carp Planet Carp Line 1000m

Extra Carp Planet Carp Line 1000m

Planet Carp is specially designed line for carp fishing with purpose to fulfill all the expectations that carp fishermen has from high end carp line.

Its main features are extremely abrasion resistance and excellent knot strength. Dark brown color makes this line easily recognizable while pooling out but almost invisible in water.

Also, Planet Carp is UV resistant and it keeps its main features long in to the usage.

Available in 3 diameters :

  • Ø 0.30mm - strength : 12.6kg
  • Ø 0.35mm - strength : 15.2kg
  • Ø 0.37mm - strength : 17.9kg