Carpsounder ROC XR Street & Stalking

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Carpsounder detectors work even after several days of immersion under water... 100% waterproof. They are particularly appreciated by all those who fish a lot, whatever the climatic conditions. Their technology today reaches the peak in reliability and longevity. Carpsounder products are legendary products.

Carpsounder ROC XR Street & Stalking
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Carpsounder ROC XR Street & Stalking


Carpsounder ROC XR Street & Stalking

The Carpsounder ROC series offer multiple automatic functions and nearly unlimited individual adjustment possibilities.

Intelligent software and assembling per modern german SMD-machines makes this new CARPSOUNDER so efficient.

Innovations like the multifunctional 5 led line or the 100% waterproof body offers you a totaly new and unique performance. Technical caracteristics: Extremly solid polyamid body, 100% WATERPROOF - resisting at total immersion under water.

C.A.P.V .S. Carpsounder anti pressure valve system for perfect speaker-sound in any meteorologic conditions.

Anti-slipping soft rubber rod holders, adjustable in two different positions ( related to the rod-diameter). Indication of the battery charge level per the 5-led-line for about 2 seconds after switching on. Tone-frequency adjustable on a large range.

Volume adjustable on a large range including an “sound-off” position. Specificly double tone sound for drop-backs.

Carpsounder Anti balance bip concept. Specific optical led signal for forward runs on the five-led-line ( flash mouvement upwards). 


Specific optical led signal for drop bachs on the five-led-line ( flash mouvement downwards). Optical “drop-memory-signal” ( red flashes for about 17 seconds after each drop signal).

Powerful 6mm high visibility main-ledlight with perfect daytime visibility. Night-position light available on the main ledlight ( on / off per menu ).

4 colors available at the main ledlight (blue, red, green, yellow) and an additional “led-off” position. Color choice per +/ - press bottom on the related menu modus.

Automatic power adjustment of the ledlights with less power at night to avoid blinding.

Automatic night position light after sunset ( while nightlight activated per menu modus). Automatic switch off of the night position led after about 10 hours ( battery protection in case of stocking in darkness).

2,5 mm adapter for transmitter systems or illuminated hangers or balancers. Memorising of all manual adjustments after switching off.


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