Carpsounder Campsecure XRS ACC Infrared Detector

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Carpsounder detectors work even after several days of immersion under water... 100% waterproof. They are particularly appreciated by all those who fish a lot, whatever the climatic conditions. Their technology today reaches the peak in reliability and longevity. Carpsounder products are legendary products.

Carpsounder Campsecure XRS ACC Infrared Detector
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Carpsounder Campsecure XRS ACC Infrared Detector

Carpsounder Campsecure XRS ACC Infrared Detector

The Campsecure XRS is an infrared sensor with a detection angle of 105° and 12m range for securing the camp and rods.

Equipped with a radio transmitter (200m range) for a transmission of the alert on the Carpsounder XRS receiver.

Ideal for posts far away from rods or risk areas, it was designed not to detect animals on the ground so as not to wake up unexpectedly during the night. In the same way, its new improved sensor avoids detections upwards. You can install your rods under trees without the risk of being disturbed.

It has a screw thread that will allow you to easily fix it on a spike (recommended height : 1m).

The Campsecure XRS is ideal for spending serene nights.

  • Angle of surveillance of 105° and a surveillance distance of 12m
  • Radio transmitter compatible with the CENTRALE XRS ACC
  • Specific sound signal on the central unit
  • Reception distance of about 200m and more
  • 100% waterproof polyamide reinforced fiberglass case
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Sensitivity adjustment in 3 positions to remove (if desired) the detection of small animals
  • 2 LEDs can be turned on / off
  • 5-power adjustable diodes
  • ACC LIGHT mode to indicate permanently on the XRS ACC control panel the good reception or a possible loss of radio connection
  • Alert transmitted to the control unit if tampered with (vibration detector located in the alarm) of the CAMPSECURE
  • It is possible to connect to the control unit and to differentiate by diodes of the control unit up to 4 different alarms in order to monitor several sectors or objects
  • Batteries : 4 X LR03 AAA (delivered with the alarm)