Carp Design Wave Breaker Echo + GPS V2.0 Bait Boat

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Inspired by current trends and the needs of modern carp anglers, Carp Design is a rising brand which aims to bring a new vision of carp fishing tackle.

Carp Design Wave Breaker Echo + GPS V2.0 Bait Boat
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Carp Design Wave Breaker Echo + GPS V2.0 Bait Boat

Carp Design Wave Breaker Echo + GPS V2.0 Bait Boat

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest boat in the world!

The Wave Breaker Echo + GPS is a must in the matter. It is equipped with the new digital technology version 5.5 and integrated echosounder and GPS high performance that bring you the ultimate precision.

The new Wave Breaker is remarkable for its design, rock-solid stability and exclusive design. It is powered by high performance engines with twin propellers each that guarantee a better longevity of the boat.

To allow you surgical set up of your lines and maneuvers of high precision, the boat is equipped with 2 propulsion motors of an independent power, facilitating the  positioning of your rigs on the spot you have chosen. 

Reading all the information relayed by the echo sounder as the GPS is done directly on the remote control screen . 

In order to feed with all types of baits (pellets, boilies, seeds, etc ...), the boat has two bait hatches with separate openings. It has an individual control line drop system on the back of the boat that will ensure accurate setting of your rigs.

Its catamaran design and high hull increase the balance and stability of the boat and improve its holding in the swell, allowing it to navigate with greater ease, even full load.

The 2.4Ghz remote control is fully digital and is equipped with "Duplex Two Wave" technology that further improves the performance of the remote control, compared to standard 2.4Ghz remote controls.

Its built-in LCD screen allows you to monitor in real time the system status of the boat. So you can check the battery level, the direction, the atmospheric pressure thanks to the integrated barometer, the depth and the geographical position.

Range of about 400m with possibility of changing frequency and calibration on the remote control.

The boat is equipped with high-visibility diodes that you activate from the remote control (remote control console also light).

This version 2.0 has a remote control whose screen is higher than the previous model, allowing you to have a better readability of the typography of the bottom.   

Illuminated rear deck

Technical characteristics :

  • 2 individually controlled hatches
  • Capacity: 2kg
  • Distance: 400m variable depending on conditions
  • High quality rear line dropper
  • Autonomy: about 1h30 at full power
  • 60m / min speed
  • Built-in compass and barometer
  • Echosounder integrated with reading on the remote control (max depth: 30m)
  • Built-in GPS with remote control playback (9 waypoints)
  • Automatic Navigation
  • Nimh rechargeable battery remote control (10 hours of autonomy)
  • Lithium battery 11V / 5Amp (autonomy 1h30 at maximum speed)
  • Battery charger

Dimensions : 63cm x 35cm x 25cm - Weight : 8.6kg with batteries

Protected propellers 

High quality rear line dropper

Waterproof switch


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