Avid Carp Quick Up Sessions Organiser

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Avid is trying to rethink carp fishing. Do not expect to see mountains of products already seen elsewhere. All the products under development undergo rigorous tests by some of the best fishermen of this company to develop the tools perfectly adapted to the needs of Carp anglers of tomorrow.

Avid Carp Quick Up Sessions Organiser
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Avid Carp Quick Up Sessions Organiser

Avid Carp Quick Up Sessions Organiser

The Quick Up Session Organiser is the perfect storage solution for your Screen House or Bivvy.

Featuring a unique quick-up design, this three-tier storage unit is ideal for staying well organised whilst out on the bank.Whether it’s food & drink, fishing tackle & bait or other essentials, you can keep them safe and close to hand at all times.


The Organiser boasts a lightweight aluminium frame, hard  shelves, external pockets on each side for extra storage, a coated table top and our waterproof Dura-Tech fabric.

  • Aluminium frame
  • Coated table top 
  • Folds into a compact briefcase 
  • Made from Dura-Tech material 
  • Hard plastic shelves
  • Closed : 62cm x 50cm x 8cm 

Dimensions : 80cm x 62cm x 50cm - Weight : 7.5kg

Coated table top 

Aluminium frame