Avid Carp Benchmark A-Spec Bed Level Chair Pack

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Avid is trying to rethink carp fishing. Do not expect to see mountains of products already seen elsewhere. All the products under development undergo rigorous tests by some of the best fishermen of this company to develop the tools perfectly adapted to the needs of Carp anglers of tomorrow.

Avid Carp Benchmark A-Spec Bed Level Chair Pack
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Avid Carp Benchmark A-Spec Bed Level Chair Pack

Avid Carp Benchmark A-Spec Bed Level Chair Pack 

Avid Carp Benchmark Memory Foam Bed Chair 6 legs

The Benchmark Memory Foam features a complete Lumbar Region Support System, underneath a super-comfortable Memory Foam mattress.

No other mattress on the market comes close to Memory Foam in terms of comfort and quality.

Both the Benchmark Memory Foam feature two reinforced steel throw-hinges that allow you to pack your System away without having to remove the sleeping bag.


These hinges also help to offer a totally flat sleeping surface, which offers maximum comfort.

A strong Security Strap is used to secure the bed in transit and three strategically-placed legs offer six supporting positions, giving even weight distribution and a great night's sleep.

Dimensisons : 40-50cm x 85cm x 210cm - Weight :12.2kg  

Closed : 35cm x 85cm x 100cm

Avid Carp A-Spec Level Chair

The A-Spec Chair is the perfect choice for your session no matter how long or short, thanks to its comfortable yet compact design.

Featuring a super thick khaki foam mattress, the A-spec chair will keep you comfortable for hours on end.

Designed with a wide frame and short back height, the A-Spec chair is both easy to transport and suitable for any fishing situation.

Small enough for day sessions, yet comfortable enough for a week in France, the A-Spec chair has all the bases covered.

The lightweight khaki green aluminium frame also features a multi-point reclining system and arm rests, making the A-Spec chair the only chair you will need.

Finished with our unique Rock-Steady Leg System, levelling the A-Spec chair couldn’t be easier, no matter the ground conditions.

Dimensions : 90cm x  63cm x 65cm - Weight : 7.2kg

Closed : 22cm x 68cm x 75cm




Bundle detail : 
1 x216659Level Chair Avid Carp A-Spec
1 x216643Bed Chair Avid Carp Benchmark Memory Foam 6 pieds