Anatec Catamaran DL OAK DE-SR07 LI Brushless Bait Boat X Pilot + Gift
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The Anatec brand is specialized in the manufacture of radio controlled starter boats for more than 20 years. Anatec is considered by the biggest names of "Specimen Hunting", as the indispensable ally of carp anglers. The French press considers the Anatec bait boats as the most efficient, reliable and robust on the market.

Anatec Catamaran DL OAK DE-SR07 LI Brushless Bait Boat X Pilot
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Anatec Catamaran DL OAK DE-SR07 LI Brushless Bait Boat X Pilot

Anatec Catamaran DL OAK DE-SR07 LI Brushless Bait Boat X Pilot

Anatec Catamaran DL OAK DE-SR07 LI Brushless Bait Boat 

ChronoCarpe, Official ANATEC Seller.
2 Years Warranty parts & labor

Every Anatec bait boat is supplied with loaded batteries. 

This new version is equipped with electronic components from the German manufacturer GRAUPNER a Lithium battery and now has a high quality Brushless motor. Thanks to its new equipment, it results:

  • Better autonomy compared to the "lead battery" version
  • A lighter boat (because a lithium battery)
  • A faster boat on the water thanks to its new Brushless engine
  • No more mechanical maintenance (no grease to be regularly put on the motor shaft)

The catamaran is the ultimate bait boat, its typical form ensures a perfect buoyancy and stability in any event even in the most extreme conditions (wind and waves).

On each side of the hull, two ventilated engines provide the power required to navigate more than 5km/h at full load. The control of these motors is made independently from one another thereby steer the boat.

To facilitate the transportation and launching, the catamaran is equipped with a handle.

The stainless steel bait tray is placed in a central position which gives the boat excellent stability even loaded. It is divided into 2 compartments.

The remote control allows a gradual opening of hatches which allow a sprinkling of the fishing area. The 2 hatches can be opened independently enabling specific, targeted boots.

The tray can hold up to 5 kg (2 x 2.5kg) and can be used to carry any type of bait (boilies, seeds, pellets, groundbaits).

Regarding the setting of lines, the boat is equipped with an ingenious system for transporting and depositing rigs easily and reliably. The setting is very precise and the rig always fishing.

For use at night or in bad weather, the catamaran is equipped with 6 super bright white leds on the front and 2 red leds on the back to identify the position of the boat, even at great distance.

For the outward and return, the brightness of the leds give you direction. If the boat deviates from its path, intensity diodes decreases as you will see them over face.

Level autonomy, all catamaran models are equipped with 2 Lithium batteries 7.4V/12Ah ensuring an autonomy of 90 minutes.

A digital indicator of battery charge is on the side of the boat. Information is given in Volt . If the indicator shows 6 Volt batteries must be recharged.

Features : 

  • 1 : Carry Handle
  • 2 : Removable hood
  • 3 : Cover fixing : To keep the cover in place or remove it to intervene in the internal components of the initiator
  • 4 : LED front position : 6 white leds visualize the boat at night or long distance
  • 5 : LED rear position : 2 red ledss visualize the boat at night or long distance
  • 6 : Planned location switch ON / OFF power- fishfinder (sold separately)
  • 7 : Location antenna fishfinder (sold separately)
  • 8 : Rear Line Dropper : The rear line dropper allows the transport of 1 rig
  • 9 : Voltage Digital Controller

Handset DEVICT DE-SR07

This new DL Catamaran comes with the DEVICT DE-SR07 remote control which boasts 2.4 GHz technology.

This new radio remote control is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with a micro USB connection.

Also, when multiple users are in range, it is no longer necessary to make a change of quartz to adjust the radio frequencies, the allocation of different channels is done automatically.

Finally, this new technology no longer requires an antenna on the boat, which greatly facilitates access under the lower branches.

Thanks to these new remote controls, the range of transmission can go up to 300m, which makes it possible to exclude any risk of loss of control.

For its protection, the remote control is accompanied by a transparent plastic cover that allows its use in case of rain. It is important to never use the remote in the rain without this protection.



Toslon X-pilot GPS Autopilot

As an autopilot system, TOSLON X-Pilot (TC106) can work with most bait boats. It support: 2 Engines / 1 Engine with Rudder / XBoat and using one button to start the auto-pilot mode. [Wiring Test] Menu help you check & correct connection quickly.


  • 1. Boats support: 2 Engines / 1 Engine with Rudder / XBoat
  • 2. Easy Operation: one button to start the auto-pilot mode
  • 3. Easy Connection: [Wiring Test] Menu help you check & correct connection quickly
  • 4. Radio Power: 100mW (max operating range: 800ft)
  • 5. Storage: Micro-SD support, Max 500 fishing spots, and upgrade software by SD simplely
  • 6. Quickly saving / loading waypoints (and HOME point)
  • 7. Automatically steer straight ahead
  • 8. Quickly fixed to remote with special metal bracket (optional)

  • Display size: 4.3" FSTN,  Black & white
  • Display resolution: 240x160 Pixels,Visible under sunlight
  • Language: English (future update: German / French / Russian)
  • Failing-safe: YES (the X-Pilot would alarm when lost the remot signal)
  • SD card storage: YES
  • Radio frequency: 433Mhz / 2GFSK
  • Radio Power: 20dBm (Max 800ft RC distance , depending on weather 
    and environmental conditions)
  • Waypoints Number: 500
  • Quick Reach Targets: 4 (include the Home position)
  • GPS Receiver Type: 50 Channels
  • Compass Update Range: 10Hz
  • Power for X-Pilot CCU: DC 6~16V
  • Power for the display: Li battery (BL-5C)


Tripod sold separately

Click here to download the user manual


Bundle detail : 
1 x213470Bateau Amorceur Anatec Catamaran DL OAK LI Brushless DE-SR07
1 x213476GPS Autopilote Toslon X-Pilot