Anaconda Nighthawk MGX-7 Bite Alarm Profi Set

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Trademark recognized for many years in Germany for its reliability, Anaconda has for constant objective to develop technical and robust products by proposing the best quality/price ratio possible.

Anaconda Nighthawk MGX-7 Bite Alarm Profi Set
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Anaconda Nighthawk MGX-7 Bite Alarm Profi Set

Anaconda Nighthawk MGX-7 Bite Alarm Profi Set

The bite indicator Anaconda Nighthawk MGX-7 Set is a premium modular system! You will find 3 or 4 bite indicator sets in a practical transport case including receiver.

Also included in the set:

  • 1x Anaconda MGX-7 RC Tent Lamp incl. Remote control
  • -1x Anaconda MGX-7 Bank Watcher (camp surveillance system with 10 meters 120 ° infrared sensors)
  • All components are perfectly matched.
  • Easy push of a button operation
  • 2.5 mm connector for night glow (on the right bottom side of the appliance)
  • 8- step sensitivity adjustment 
  • 8 - step volume control / 8= mute (only LED´s are active)
  • 8 different pitches
  • 7 different LED lights can be selected (red, green, blue, yellow, pink etc.)
  • LED's light up about 20 seconds if the bite alarm
  • Bite alarm signals a drop-back by a LED Flash, permanent light and a change of pitch 
  • rubber coated body waterproof and shock-resistant
  • waterproof separate battery compartment 
  • bite indicator function via 1 x 9V battery (not included)
  • Including a transport case
  • 2 Snag Bars (optionally screw-in) per Indicator in colour metal black.
  • Long range receive of 150 meter
  • Battery status indicator

  • Function via 1 x 9V battery (not included)
  • stylisches, farblich angepasstes Anaconda Umhängeband
  • Switchable Nightlight
  • Vibration alarm
  • All bite alarms can be controlled remotely via the receiver ( sensitivity, volume, pitch )
  • 8 - step volume control / 8= vibration (only LED´s are active)  
  • 8 different pitches
  • Long range receive of 150 meter
  • Battery status indicator



The Bank Watcher monitors your camp with the aid of a built-in infrared sensor at an angle of 120° and gives you a direct signal, if an unnoticed person or animal should approach to your camp at night.
The Bank Watcher is built-on, by screwing it onto a bankstick (standardized screw thread) at a height of about one meter.

If something is approaching your tent, a permanent red light (right-hand window) lights up and a bright LED will flash 17 times. 
Optionally, at the same time, the Bank Watcher emit a loud tone, but the device can also be set, that only the LEDs are active. 

  • Red light in case of danger in combination with 17 times "White LED Flash"
  • Alerts you in the case of danger (unknown person / wild animals)
  • mountable on bankstick (3/8 screw thread)
  • 8-level, adjustable volume
  • 9 volt block battery


The MGX-7-RC Tent Lamp shines extremely bright and brings a colorful variety of colors into your camp.

Whether with remote control or directly on the lamp itself, you can select a total of 
4 different colors, which, insofar as they were coupled with the bite indicators MGX -7, each flashes as soon as a fish bites (Run).

The tent lamp has the advantage, that 8 different brightness levels of the white main LED (reading lamp) can be selected via the remote control.
  • Magnetic holder or integrated hook to hang up
  • Including remote control with mode and intensity control
  • 8 different brightness level of the white main LED
  • 4 different colors / flashes when a fish bites (RUN)
  • 3x AA batteries (not included)
  • CR 2025 battery for remote control (not included)