Anaconda Candy Cracker Nylon 1200m 0.33mm

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Anaconda Candy Cracker Nylon 1200m 0.33mm
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Anaconda Candy Cracker Nylon 1200m 0.33mm

Anaconda Candy Cracker Nylon 1200m 0.33mm

In the past, everything had to be camouflage so as not to scare the fish... but that did not necessarily mean success.

After many discussions with members of the Anaconda team, we wanted to go against the idea and our idea was very clear, create the nylon as visible as possible to stir up the curiosity of the carp.

The Candy Cracker mission was launched! As colorful as possible, with bright, contrasting colors, we wanted to find a way to catch the fish's attention.


After many tests more or less conclusive, we finally found the ideal color for the Candy Cracker (fluo orange / purple / white / pink and fluo green).

During our tests, we were surprised by the results obtained on waters with high fishing pressure, especially when we used Candy Cracker leads in combination with our multicolored line. In some cases, we even managed to catch old fish that many thought were dead.

Trying the Candy Cracker nylon line is to make the difference where nobody was waiting for you. Packaged in a 1200m spool, it is available in 0.33mm (8.5kg) diameter.


  • Color: Candy Cracker
  • Change color every 20cm: neon orange / purple / white / pink and neon green
  • No memory
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Excellent knot strength
  • Elasticity: medium to high
  • Excellent calibration